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  • Global Business

    Global Business is designed for students to analyze global business operations where companies operate or manage facilities in foreign countries. Students also study international business operations where the company resides within the United States and only sells products or services internationally. This course covers international monetary systems, trade policies, politics, and laws relating to global business as well as cultural issues, logistics, and how tribal sovereignty applies to private and public (tribal) companies. Prerequisite: BUS 265

  • Managerial Finance

    This course covers foundational and advanced finance applications for decision making. Students study the time value of money, investments, cost of funds, debt, and the financial processes used to manage business resources. Business loans, corporate bonds, stock valuation, crowd funding, and other forms of capital are explored to provide the student with a practical understanding of available capital markets. Students examine a firms operating performance, financial health, and capital management through analysis, forecasting techniques, and best practices in financial management. This course builds on BUS 202 Managerial Accounting. Prerequisite: MTH 113, BUS 110, BUS 202, BUS 222, BUS 265